Quake Wars: Tactical Assault

February 27th, 2012

Website relocated to a proper server, rather than a Slackware box sitting next to my desk.
Direct Download links now available for all QWTA files v0.3 and later. There are no plans to continue QWTA myself, although I'm under the understanding that the TAW Clan has taken the source code of QWTA v0.3.5, tweaked it to their taste, and still actively plays using it.
A bit of old news as well, but the QWTA Official server has been taken down, too.

September 24th, 2010

QWTA v0.3.5 sourcecode has been released.
"Official" QWTA development may or may not continue at a later date.
Thanks go out to those who've contributed directly or indirectly to QWTA's development.

September 12th, 2010

QWTA development is on hold for an unknown period of time due to severe time constraints. :(

August 3rd, 2010

QWTA v0.3.5 Hotfix 2 has been released.
This adds MacOS support to QWTA v0.3.5. Thanks again to Orange for the compile!
However, all servers should still be installing this, even if they're not Mac-based. (Autodownload purposes and client purity checks.)
Downloads are in the downloads section as usual.

July 31st, 2010

QWTA v0.3.5 Hotfix 1 has been released.
An issue was discovered a while back in QWTA v0.3.4 that caused a crash for a minority of Windows players, when QWTA loaded. This Hotfix addresses that issue. If you were experiencing crashes with QWTA v0.3.4 or QWTA v0.3.5 due to the .dll files being unable to load, but not with QWTA v0.3.3, this patch is for you. Players who were not experiencing crash-on-load problems should notice no changes. (If you do notice problems after installing this Hotfix while QWTA v0.3.5 without the Hotfix worked fine for you, please get in touch with me; contact info is on the credits page.) Servers should all install this as well; it'll auto-download and overwrite the old Windows binaries when players connect.
Downloads are in the downloads section as usual.

July 23rd, 2010

QWTA v0.3.5 has been released.
Along with a fancy trailer featuring some of QWTA's more visually interesting features:
Well, it's been a little while since the last release. Life's been a bit busy lately for various reasons, so sorry it's taken this long. Not a huge number of new features this time around, this release is more focused on fixing issues that have been found with QWTA v0.3.4 and smoothing out QWTA's realism-settings gameplay a bit more.
In other news, the QWTA site has had a few minor updates and upgrades.
Changes are listed below, as usual, but some of the highlights include: The minority of players who were experiencing the bizarre crash mentioned here are encouraged to give QWTA v0.3.5 a try and see if the problem is solved. Hopefully, it is, but if not, please try to make a post in that thread with any information you can provide if it's affecting you, as the cause is still a complete mystery.
The qwta_default.cfg and qwta_baseetqw.cfg files are now stored in the main pk4, so players who have autodownloaded QWTA can access them.
QWTA v0.3.5 is a complete installation of QWTA, please remove any old QWTA files before installing it.
This release is so far compatible only with Windows and Linux, the MacOS binaries are still pending, but should hopefully be released soonish...
Downloads are, as always, in the downloads section.
QWTA v0.3.5: ========== CHANGES: * Cvar g_forgivingBotMatch added. + Default 0. + Makes BotMatches more forgiving for a player by turning off certain advantages that are given to the player in a BotMatch. A BotMatch is essentially a single-player game. BaseETQW would lower enemy bots' health on low skill levels. BaseETQW would prevent vehicle explosions from damaging players. * The way Force Escalation is calculated has been changed to discard low-XP outliers and to increase overall Force Escalation when many players are on a server. * Cvar family g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayers* added. + Default 0. + Number of connected clients needs to meet or exceed each cvar for the associated vehicle to spawn. Does not affect vehicle drops. + Full cvar list for this group of cvars: g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersHusky g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersPlatypus g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersArmadillo g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersTrojan g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersBumblebee g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersTitan g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersAnansi g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersIcarus g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersHog g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersDesecrator g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersCyclops g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersTormentor g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersJupiter g_vehicleSpawnMinPlayersAbaddon + These are more meant to be used with BaseETQW settings. I've noticed over time that some of the better BaseETQW servers like to informally restrict vehicle use based on the number of people playing. This should allow that without some newly connected player jumping in and slaughtering everyone playing by the agreed upon restrictions. * Slightly increased the Dark Matter Cannon's gravitational effects. * Logistics Points introduced as a concept. + Logistics Points is a direct count of your accumulated XP, with one catch, when you use them, they disappear. Think of them as money. Vehicle Drops now use Logistics Points to determine when each vehicle can be called in. In order to help combat wasteful vehicle spam, central command is only willing to help out players so many times. + Logistics point costs are listed next to FE on the quickchat menu. * Cvar g_vehicleDropsUseLP added. + Default 1. + Controls whether Logistics Points are used as a requirement of vehicle drops. It's recommended to leave this on when heavier vehicles are allowed to be dropped. * Cvar g_huskyIcarusDropsIgnoreLP added. + Default 0. + Lets the Husky and Icarus Vehicle Drops ignore Logistics Points requirements. This lets them be called in with 0 LP while the heavier vehicles continue to require LP to be dropped onto the battlefield. * Modified the HUD element for Force Escalation, and added a Logistics Points HUD element right below it. The vehicle charge bar has also been added to the main HUD for easy viewing. These elements disappear automatically when the cvars that control their use are disabled. * Cvar g_useVehicleDecoyAmmo added, + Default 1. + Controls whether vehicle decoys consume depletable ammunition or if they have an infinite supply of flares. * Vehicles now warn when low on ammo. * Abaddon Plasma Beam tweaked. + Hover mode uses more weapon charge and can't fire as long without cooling. + Siege mode uses less charge and can fire much longer without cooling. * Cvar g_useAwardJackOfAllTrades implemented. + Default 1. + Controls whether the new "Jack of All Trades" after-round award replaces the near-pointless "Newbie of the Battle" award. + The Jack of All Trades award is given to the player who has accumulated an average or better amount of XP with at least two classes. If more than one player meets this qualification, the player with the most XP accumulated in the applicable player class proficiencies wins out. This award is intended to highlight those players who are constantly switching classes throughout the round, in order to serve their team's needs best, moment to moment. BUG FIXES: * Fixed BaseETQW bug: sdProjectile_Parabolic is no longer randomly invisible. * Fixed Abaddon's Flamethrower using improper crosshair when using concealed crosshair settings. * Fixed BaseETQW oversight: Frags made by vehicle explosions are now properly attributed to the player who caused the explosion. * Corrected the charge usage of GDF vehicle machineguns and miniguns using realism settings, so that they're no longer prone to rapidly overheating.

April 18th, 2010

QWTA v0.3.4 has been released.
The WIP changelog posted earlier this month has a few additions on top of it, but I have to admit this particular release of QWTA is a bit lackluster. QWTA's essentially in a period of slowed development--largely due to time constraints not allowing much free time to work on QWTA right now--and rather than sit on a couple new features and a host of fixes while polishing the release to perfection, I thought it best to release what's been done so far, so at least some of the feedback that's been given, and bugs that have been fixed have been addressed.
Highlights of this release, for those not wanting to read the changelog:
More info in the Features section.

QWTA v0.3.3 and its hotfixes should be removed from your system before installing QWTA v0.3.4.
Windows, Linux, and Mac are all supported by the initial release package this time around.
Downloads are, as always, in the Downloads section.

April 1st, 2010

No, this isn't an april fool's posting. :P
Just a status update: not much new lately, other than a personal revelation that I spend far too much time struggling with singular issues that I could just leave until later, which slows my development speed down a ton and cranks my own personal frustration level up a few notches... So, to that end, rather than continuing to work on a few features that I've really, really wanted to get released(The Tactical Gametype and improved physics for the Abaddon's flamethrower.), I'm instead going to stick those into my "wishful thinking features that I'll continue working on but stop promising release dates for since they're bloody difficult to get working properly" basket and work on things that are more directly addressing known issues with QWTA(Rearming ammo for vehicles with ammo restrictions on, having water put out fire, Hammer nuclear effects(mostly already done), a few other things.), and user requests for features(I've actually got a couple lists people have sent in to me; thanks!).
Anyways... Since you've all been pretty patient with my lack of a recent release lately, have a WIP changelog(with some of the flamethrower stuff I've been beating my head against a wall for a month removed):
QWTA v0.3.4: ========== CHANGES: * More changes to the tactical nuke behaviours for the Hammer. + All changes rely on g_useNuclearHammer. + Explosion effect enhanced: Bigger flash and flare, more smoke, bigger mushroom cloud, mushroom cloud lasts longer. + Hammer explosion's EMP effects increased based on player feedback. + Hammer explosion leaves an area of radioactivity for 20 seconds after the initial explosion. Blocking line of sight or entering a vehicle shields from these effects. Damage from radioactivity decreases the farther from ground zero you are. + Hammer explosions now cause a blinding flash, when nuclear. Hiding behind cover, fleeing the area to gain distance, or simply looking away from the detonation, reduce the effects of blinding. * Cvar g_allowEMPFriendlyFire added. + Default 1. + Allows EMP effects to affect friendly units, for realism purposes. * External ordinance on Anansi now visually in sync with ammo usage. + g_useVehicleAmmo needs to be on. + LAWs disappear as they're fired, and reappear as they're rearmed. * Revert BFG10k back to automatic charging due to player feedback. + Kept the green HUD chargebar the manual BFG had. + Kept the green HUD chargebar cooldown time too. * Some optimizations and improvements to the BFG's script. * Second set of bind contexts for players added as part of a bugfix for the bind contexts not working properly/being broken last release... The "strogg" and "gdf" bind contexts are now overridden by class-specific bind contexts. This means you can bind something to the gdf/strogg bind contexts, AND to the class-specific contexts(eg: "medic"), and for a class that has a class-specific context, that will be used. Or for a class without a class-specific context, the team context will be used. If neither is setup, the default context will be used, as usual. Class Context -> Team Context -> Default Context * Cvar g_blood added. + Default 1. + Allows most of the blood effects to be turned on and off. + This is particularly useful as the decal-applying parts of this code will often spam error messages in the console(Don't think they're properly thread-safe yet.), and some of the splatters can get a little excessive when a lot of explosions are occurring in a small area near corpses. BUG FIXES: * Hammer explosions now cause blood splatters. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: The "Sniper Rifle Reload Skip Exploit" no longer works. + A serious exploit exists in BaseETQW 1.5, that has been fixed in QWTA. + Also fixes the same issue for the Railgun. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Jump sounds added while carrying HE Charge. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Jump sounds added while carrying Health Pack. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Jump sounds added while carrying Ammo Pack. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Jump sound(jogging) added while carrying Binoculars. * Fixed Anansi's LAWs having zero splash damage. * Fixed a stupid issue with the bind contexts being broken in v0.3.3. * The QWTA Limbo Menu tab has been fixed and re-added.
Again, not an april fool's posting.

March 1st, 2010

Since a few people have asked lately... Yes, QWTA's still alive. Haven't done much work on it recently, but the last couple days have seen a bit of liveliness. :)
No ETA yet on when v0.3.4 will be out, but there aren't that many other major things to do(Had some progress on the problems I've been having with flamethrower physics recently.), and I'd rather get it out sooner rather than later...

February 8th, 2010

QWTA's been on a bit of a hiatus lately, partially due to my working on some other projects more actively, partly due to personal mood, and my dismal employment/financial situation as of late. Good news there is I just got a job today, starting next week. So QWTA's longterm future is more assured, and there should be fewer website issues. Bad news from that is even when I am going to be working on QWTA, it'll be with a much smaller amount of free time to do it in.
Overall, it's still good news for QWTA.
Some further good news is I've gotten in touch with Orange again, so MacOS binaries for the next release of QWTA are looking more likely. :)

January 13th, 2010

Orange, are you out there? :D
Since the ETQW Community Forums are down for an unknown period of time (People are somewhat moving over to Splash Damage's community forums instead.) I've lost contact with Orange, the awesome guy who does QWTA's MacOS compiles. Since I kinda fear spambots, I've setup a temporary hotmail email address here:
[News posting has been edited to remove the temporary email address I'd listed here, as I didn't get spam on it. My real contact email is now listed in the credits section.]
I'm also on the IRC channel #etqwmods on Quakenet, very regularly.
So, if you're out there Orange, get in touch? :D

January 11th, 2010

QWTA v0.3.3 Hotfix 3 is released.
This hotfix corrects an issue that was discovered with rewards/proficiencies not increasing, other than for the vehicle stats.
Downloads are in the downloads section.

December 17th, 2009

QWTA v0.3.3 Hotfix 2 is released.
This hotfix corrects an issue that was discovered with the Anansi's LAW missiles not having any splash damage.
Downloads are in the downloads section.

December 12th, 2009

ETQW Config Importer v0.1 released.
Because ETQW by default does not import configs from BaseETQW to mods, and the directory where configs are stored is somewhat hidden away... ETQW Config Importer simply makes importing your BaseETQW configs as simple and painless as possible, short of doing it from within ETQW.
(Which is a problem that's being worked on as well.)

Downloads in the download section as usual.

December 11th, 2009

Advance notice: The QWTA site will be going down sometime around December 20th - December 23rd most likely, for another move. (It's not a 100% for sure thing, at this point. But it's likely what's going to happen.) The QWTA site will likely stay down over the christmas holidays, and may or may not come up soon after that. Updates will be posted to the QWTA v0.3.3 release thread on the official ETQW Community forums, if the QWTA site is still down at that point. Hopefully, there won't be any issues involved in the move this time, and I'll be triple or quadruple backing up all the QWTA data. Depending on how things go, QWTA v0.4.0 development may be put on hold for a while, too. Or it may resume as if nothing's going on.

Anyhow, happy holidays.

December 9th, 2009

Seems there was a problem compiling the scripts for the Mac binaries of QWTA v0.3.3 the other day, and basically the compiled scripts for the mac version of QWTA are invalid.
You can work around this with g_useCompiledScript 0, but there's a better alternative:
Downloads for a fixed version of the Mac binaries are in the downloads section, and the invalid files have been taken down. Thanks again Orange.
Enjoy. :)

December 8th, 2009

QWTA v0.3.3 Hotfix 1 is released.
This hotfix disables the QWTA tab on the Limbo Menu as a workaround for a problem that interferes with the proper operation of the Limbo Menu in general.
Downloads are in the downloads section.

2nd Update today!
QWTA v0.3.3 Mac OS binaries released!
Downloads are in the downloads section, thanks again Orange!

December 6th, 2009

Well, it's been a while, but... QWTA v0.3.3 is released! Currently just compatible with win32/linux, still waiting for the mac binaries to be built...

As well as fixing some issues with QWTA v0.3.2, this release heralds some new mechanics for QWTA's guns: Most of the GDF weapons now behave more like their real-world counterparts(Details in the Features section.), and instead of making the accuracy of weapons worse when unaimed, they've been returned to their BaseETQW accuracies, and instead the aimed accuracies of most weapons have been improved. This is both a result of player requests, and a shift to the more realistic take on the guns QWTA now has. Realistic weapons no longer means damage buffs alone. The Strogg weapons have also received some tweaks. (Including nerfs to the Quake 4 Hyperblaster based on player feedback.)
The Abaddon Hovertank is included with this release, although it's not completely finished. (Notably, the Flamethrower is more simplistic than I'd like.) And the Jupiter Assault Tank has received a few nerfs as a result of player feedback. (Details again on the Features page.)
Something Quake 2/4 fans will enjoy, is the QWTA Railgun now can be fired through multiple targets. Once again you can score multiple kills per shot.
A feature that will appeal to fans of realism, most crosshairs are removed by default. And vehicles now use ammunition for their weapons. (Although no way of reloading them has yet been implemented short of getting a new vehicle.)
Additionally, for advanced console users, the Jupiter and Abaddon both have their own vehicle contexts, and are part of the general vehicle context group. Furthermore, "gdf" and "strogg" bind contexts for each team have been setup by default. See the changelog for details.
QWTA v0.3.3: ========== CHANGES: * Main menu now displays QWTA logo. * Abaddon hovertank added. (WIP) + This is a specialized version of the Desecrator, mounting two new weapons. + Uses g_advancedVehicleDrops bitflag of 8192. + Costs 100 FE to request a drop of. * Plasma Beam added. (Vehicle weapon only for now.) + A continuous-fire energy beam used by the Strogg for mining. + While highly damaging to vehicles and deployables, its effectiveness against living targets is low. * Flamethrower added. (Vehicle weapon only for now.) + Spews a cone of flaming plasma across multiple targets, showering the ground beneath with sticky flamelets. Vehicles and deployables are immune to flame. + Be advised due to QWTA v0.3.3 being kind of a rush-patch, the flamethrower has significant issues(damage cone and flame graphics are desynchronized, water will not extinguish flames, and flame -graphics- penetrate forcefields). The QWTA v0.4.0 flamethrower will correct these issues and introduce more realistic flame physics. * Players can now be lit on fire, burning and suffering damage. * Cvar g_useQuake4Railgun added. + Default 1. + Controls whether the Railgun has penetration properties, allowing it to be fired through multiple targets(players and corpses only), or not. * Cvar g_disableVehicleRespawns added. + Default 0. + Allows or disallows vehicles respawning after they're destroyed. * Cvar g_useShieldAbsorber added. + Default 1. + Allows the use of the Tactical Shield's altfire, which re-absorbs shields that have been deployed. * Matched the Quake4-style Hyperblaster's damages to the BaseETQW Hyperblaster's in response to player feedback. Changed the realistic damages for the Quake4-style Hyperblaster to be double for the splash damage, rather than triple. * Improvements to the BFG10k's visual effects. * The BFG10k is now charged manually. + Hold down fire to charge the BFG. If you release too early, the BFG energies fizzle out impotently and you must wait for the weapon to cool down and reload before trying to fire it again. + If you charge the BFG10k too much, its energies will overload in a massive internal detonation, destroying the Jupiter tank. + Charging the BFG properly takes practice. The difference between a properly charged projectile and an overload detonation is a narrow window of opportunity. + Bots are kind of retarded with this new behaviour so far. * Cvar pm_realisticMovement has had a setting added. + pm_realisticMovement may now be set to 2, as well. + pm_realisticMovement 2 is now the QWTA default setting. + This setting applies realistic movement physics to players, but not bots. This setting is a workaround for a flaw in ETQW's bot AAS pathing design that requires maps to be recompiled to support certain changes in movement physics. While bots can use realistic physics too, their AI doesn't recognize it, leading to them doing very stupid things when trying to get from point A to point B. This setting works around that flaw. * Cvar g_allowCrosshairs added. + Default 0. + Controls whether most(not all, notably Strogg scopes, sniper weapons' scopes, and most vehicles) crosshairs ingame are disabled. This is largely intended for realism purposes, as its assumed crosshairs for weapons aren't painted onto the personal HUDs GDF soldiers have, and in the case of the Strogg, that the crosshairs are not displayed unless the Strogg is looking through what's assumed to be a biotech interface for a gun camera. Ironsights are of course still available. * Cvar g_allowHitBeep added. + Default 0. + Controls whether the hit feedback beep and flash are permitted. * Cvar g_useBaseETQW12SniperTrail added. + Default 1. + Sets QWTA to use the BaseETQW 1.2 Sniper Rifle trail/tracer effect. This effect is more subtle than the BaseETQW 1.5 effect, and harder to spot. * Blood and gore effects improved considerably. * Cvar g_realisticDamage removed. * Cvar g_realisticSpread removed. * Cvar g_useRealisticWeapons added. + Default 1. + Consolidates g_realisticDamage and g_realisticSpread as well as other new features into one cvar. Generally, GDF weapons have a higher rate of fire than in BaseETQW. Realistic damages for these weapons lowered slightly, to make up for the ability to put more lead on target. Strogg weapons remain slow-firing and higher-damage, but their accuracies have also improved. * Bind contexts for Jupiter, Abaddon, Strogg team, and GDF team, added. + Jupiter: "g_bind_context_jupiter" + Abaddon: "g_bind_context_abaddon" + Strogg: "strogg" (Includes all the Strogg classes.) + GDF: "gdf" (Includes all the GDF classes.) + Jupiter and Abaddon are included as part of the bind context "vehicle" too * Cvar g_useVehicleAmmo added, + Default 1. + Controls whether vehicle weapons consume depletable ammunition or if they have an infinite supply of munitions. * Script memory limits generally doubled from BaseETQW. * Tweaked the FE Prerequisites of the Hog and Desecrator in response to player feedback. + Hog: 30FE -> 25FE + Desecrator: 40FE -> 45FE BUG FIXES: * Fixed Quake4-style Hyperblaster's projectiles doing triple damage to vehicles and deployables. * Adjusted the sound shaders of the BFG10k and the DMC to more appropriate volumes and distances. * Fixed a bug with class limit autoadjuster using GDF values for Strogg team. * Fixed a bug which was causing Flyer Drones to emit warning messages. * Some rudimentary fixes to vehicle drop permissions for land/sea deployments.
Downloads are of course, in the downloads section. Users using the prerelease version of QWTA v0.3.3 will want to download the full release; there've been several changes.

November 6th, 2009

A change of plans...
Some recent issues have been popping up with QWTA v0.3.2, especially as its come into more widespread usage, and its starting to look like the best course of action would be putting some of the QWTA v0.4.0 features on hold temporarily, and release another patch, dubbed QWTA v0.3.3, to address these issues.
So, that's essentially what I'll be doing... QWTA v0.3.3 should be out somewhat sooner than QWTA v0.4.0, and should include the Abaddon hovertank(Which is currently undergoing some changes to the flamethrower physics, to make them more realistic and accurate.).

October 25th, 2009

QWTA v0.3.2 now Mac OS compatible!

A big thanks goes out to Orange for compiling QWTA v0.3.2 into Mac-compatible binaries!
Now all you Mac players should be able to play QWTA. :) To install, just unzip into your QWTA directory. Servers should also install this, so that Mac players can autodownload compatible binaries from your server. Download links, are, as usual, in the downloads section.

Thanks Orange!

October 24th, 2009

Still going. Still have no idea when release will be.

October 2nd, 2009

A small status update. QWTA's in heavy development at the moment, but QWTA v0.4.0 is starting to look like its shaping up to be the most feature-rich release of QWTA to date, including a HUD overhaul geared to realism(Crosshairs? What crosshairs?), the Abaddon hovertank sporting two new weapons, gameplay balance tweaks, a railgun that punches through GDF like paper, bot AI improvements, audio-visual enhancements, and even a whole new gametype to play QWTA in, one well-suited to players having a single life per round.
And more...
Not sure when release will be at the moment, but due to the complexity of some of the new features, it'll likely be at least a few weeks.

September 13th, 2009

As may be apparent to those who've visited the QWTA site before, we've been doing a little redesign. More importantly, Quake Wars: Tactical Assault now has something somewhat reminiscent of a manual. See the Features page. A minor status update too, QWTA v0.4.0 will most likely bring the ETQW Railgun up to par with the Quake 2 or Quake 4 railguns... That is, it'll be once again shooting through multiple people per shot, as it sadly doesn't do in BaseETQW.

September 10th, 2009

Well, it's been an interesting week. Moved, PSUs on all my computers(Including the QWTA server computer.) mysteriously died, all sorts of fun stuff. Fortunately, there's been no data loss as a result, and there's even been some progress on QWTA as the machines have slowly been repaired. Behold a very early version of the Abaddon hovertank, slated to appear in QWTA v0.4.0:

August 27th, 2009

Just a little reminder, the QWTA site will be down for a relocation, probably around August 31st - September 1st.
In other news, work on the new Tactical gametype has started, as well as a Strogg super-vehicle to compete with the Jupiter. Expect to see the Abaddon hovertank, sporting a Plasma Beam(From Quake 2's expansion pack, Ground Zero.) and a Flamethrower(Which, while having no basis for use in the Quake universe, seems to always be a favourite toy.), in QWTA v0.4.0, as well as QWTA's new gametype.
I'll see about getting a video of the Abaddon in action sometime in September. :)

August 9th, 2009

QWTA version 0.3.2 has been released!
The main focus of this release is to let BaseETQW be played using QWTA. Server administrators can now pick and choose which QWTA features they'd like to use on their server. Not a fan of realism? Not a problem, you can disable that aspect of QWTA while retaining things like the BFG10k!
As usual, download links are in the downloads section. Changelog is as follows:
QWTA v0.3.2: ========== CHANGES: * Cvar g_useBaseETQW12Shotguns added. + Default 1. + Controls whether shotguns have a basic behaviour that follows the BaseETQW 1.2 behaviour model, or the BaseETQW 1.5 behaviour model. + Enable for BaseETQW 1.2 behaviour, disable for BaseETQW 1.5 behaviour. + Works in conjunction with g_realisticSpread and g_realisticDamage, so a variety of weapon behaviour combinations are possible. + Examples: Default QWTA Shotguns: g_useBaseETQW12Shotguns 1; g_realisticDamage 1; g_realisticSpread 1 BaseETQW 1.5 Shotguns: g_useBaseETQW12Shotguns 0; g_realisticDamage 0; g_realisticSpread 0 BaseETQW 1.2 Shotguns: g_useBaseETQW12Shotguns 1; g_realisticDamage 0; g_realisticSpread 0 * g_disableVehicleSpawns readded and redefaulted to 1. * Cvar g_artilleryWarning added. + Default 0. + Enables or disables the printed warning text onscreen when the Hammer or Dark Matter Cannon is fired. * Cvar g_useQuake4DarkMatter added. + Default 1. + Controls whether the Dark Matter Cannon fires ETQW-style Dark Matter projectiles, or Quake 4-style Dark Matter projectiles. * Cvar g_useDeathFading added. + Default 1. + Controls whether fading effects are used when players are unconscious or killed. * Vampire and Violator now have an alt fire. Instead of the airstrike proceeding from left to right from the thrower's position, the airstrike instead moves right to left, when alt fire is used. * Cvar g_useReverseAirstrikes added. + Default 1. + Controls whether Vampire/Violator alt fire is permitted. * Jupiter tank's minigun is no longer usable. * Jupiter tank can no longer accelerate using overdrive. * Added tooltip upon entering the Jupiter tank. * Force Escalation is now rounded down. * Cvar g_useNuclearHammer added. + Default 1. + Controls whether the Hammer and SSM missiles behave more like tactical nukes. At the moment, this is just their EMP effects. * Bots are now aware(only somewhat on easy difficulties) that shooting at heavy vehicles with light weapons does not accomplish much, when realistic damages are enabled. * Cvar g_useQuake4Hyperblaster added. + Default 1. + Controls whether the Hyperblaster fires ETQW-style hitscan bullets, or Quake 4-Nailgun-style mini-plasma shells that explode on impact. + Works in conjunction with g_realisticSpread and g_realisticDamage. * Hyperblaster's homing abilities changed to be more corrective to aim, less predictive. * Cvar g_advancedVehicleDrops added. + Default: -1 + A bitfield value that controls which vehicles may be dropped. Setting to a negative number enables all vehicle drops. Setting to zero disables all vehicle drops. Individual vehicles can be enabled as follows: Husky: 1 Platypus: 2 Armadillo: 4 Trojan: 8 Bumblebee: 16 Titan: 32 Anansi: 64 Icarus: 128 Hog: 256 Desecrator: 512 Cyclops: 1024 Tormentor: 2048 Jupiter: 4096 + Bitfields, for the uninitiated, can be combined by adding the numbers corresponding to the desired values. For example: Husky(1) + Icarus(128) = 129 Husky(1) + Icarus(128) + Platypus(2) + Armadillo(4) + Hog(256) = 391 Anansi(64) + Tormentor(2048) = 2112 All vehicles except Jupiter = 4031 * Cvar g_useSpecificRadar added. + Default 1. + Controls whether radar is prevented from detecting players. + 3rd Eye Camera, the MCP radar, and command-post radar are considered to include Infrared detection equipment, so are exempt from this setting. * Cvar g_vehicleDropsUseFE added. + Default 1. + Controls whether Force Escalation is used as a requirement of vehicle drops. It's recommended to leave this on when heavier vehicles are allowed to be dropped. * Cvar g_useBaseETQWVehicleCredits added. + Default 0. + Controls whether the Husky and Icarus's BaseETQW vehicle credit costs are used, or the more expensive QWTA defaults. * Cvar g_useBaseETQWProficiencies added. + Default 0. + Prevents players from being given free Vehicle Drop rewards. * Cvar g_useBaseETQWVehicleCharge added. + Default 0. + Controls whether the vehicle credit charge timer uses BaseETQW timing. * Cvar bot_useVehicleDrops redefaulted to 1. + The Island crash bug appears to be fixed. Bots now use vehicle drops. * Hyperblaster effects changed to make their explosive nature more apparent. * Improved blood and gore effects slightly. * Cvar g_vehicleSpawnsUseFE added. + Default 1. + Controls if regular vehicle spawning restricts which vehicles spawn, when, based upon Force Escalation. * Cvar g_ignorePersistentRanks redefaulted to 0. BUG FIXES: * Jupiter tank no longer shows up as a Titan in obituaries when roadkilling. * Optimized loading of vehicle drops. This incidentally appears to fix the Island crash bug. * Removed an unneccessary attempt at minimizing vehicle bounce when dropped. Was causing crashes some some cases.
The QWTA site and servers will be having some scheduled downtime towards the end of august/early september, due to a physical relocation.

July 29th, 2009

Got some IRL concerns at the moment that are eating into QWTA development time. Looking for work, and a new apartment, and the related issues that go along with that.
Still doing a bit now and then though; in terms of features, v0.3.2 is nearly complete.
I noticed that the QWTA official server has often been down, so I stuck an auto-restart script on it; that should help things out.

July 4th, 2009

Still going. :)
QWTA's development is still going slow at the moment, although it may be picking up some speed soon, as I've shifted my style of development slightly to help keep things interesting for myself. (Making QWTA more compatible with BaseETQW is difficult, and BORING. But worth it in the end, I think...)
Just thought I'd share a bit more info about v0.3.2: When I say BaseETQW compatible, I'm mostly meaning that you'll be able to play QWTA with BaseETQW's gameplay(Or of course, you can play QWTA as its intended.), optionally using which QWTA features appeal to you.
For example, in the work-in-progress version of QWTA v0.3.2 I'm working on, you can currently choose if you wish to use BaseETQW Dark Matter artillery, or QWTA's Quake 4-style Dark Matter artillery. Picture BaseETQW with blood, megatexture autodownload functionality, and a Jupiter tank, and you'll have some idea of what I'm working on for QWTA v0.3.2. QWTA itself isn't being neglected, mind you. There are a couple new features that have crept into v0.3.2, including improved bot AI, an alt fire for the Vampire and Violator airstrikes, and tweaks to the Jupiter tank.

May 1st, 2009

ETQW Old Wipe v0.2 has been released.
This small Windows utility is intended to assist ETQW mappers, players, and server admins in making sure they have the latest version of maps for ETQW, as easily and painlessly as possible.
MD5 hashes are used to compare a given file against an existing hash, to determine if they're identical or not. While this can be done with any run of the mill md5sum application, ETQW Old Wipe seeks to make this a simpler process.
It's available in the downloads section.

QWTA development is ongoing, although in a bit of a slow period at the moment. For the most part, what's being worked on for v0.3.2 is greater (optional) compatibility with BaseETQW.

April 15th, 2009

Version 0.3.1 has been released!
As usual, download links are in the downloads section. Changelog is as follows:
QWTA v0.3.1: ========== CHANGES: * Cvar g_showPlayerArrows redefaulted to 2. * Made some changes/improvements to the realistic damage fallback code. * Player respawn timers reverted to be identical to BaseETQW. + Player feedback indicates BaseETQW gametypes are incompatible with + long respawn timers. A single-life last-man-standing gametype is planned + for a future QWTA release. * Cvar g_useGibKills added. + Default 1. + Allows certain attacks(Currently only Covert/Infiltrator backstabs) + that don't normally instagib, to instagib so victims can't be revived. * Cvar bot_useVehicleDrops added. + Default 0. + Enables/disables bots to attempt to call down new vehicles. + WARNING: See "Known Issues" section of the readme before enabling! * Some technical changes to how the Jupiter is implemented. * Cvar g_useClassLimits added. + Default 1. + Enables/disables the use of class limits. * Force Escalation introduced as a concept. + Vehicles no longer have Rank requirements to be called in. + Force Escalation is an average XP count of all players on a server. + Vehicle Drops now use Force Escalation to determine when each vehicle + can be called in. Force Escalation reflects ongoing conflict in a battle, + and as it becomes more pitched, FE rises as central command takes further + notice of the hotspot, and lends more aid. * Class limits will now dynamically adjust according to critical classes. * Players using temporary class limit increases will be kicked out of their class upon death, after the temporary increase is removed. * Cvar g_modVersion added. Reports the version of QWTA that is in use. * Current version of QWTA is now displayed in the lower-left of the main menu. BUG FIXES: * Fixed Dark Matter Cannon having zero range blast radius in realistic mode. * Fixed a variety of GDF GPMG and Gatling Gun vehicle weapon damage issues. * Fixed negativePush flag not being copied over to inherited damageDefs. * Fixed an unlikely potential crash by returning a BS value from a method. * Fixed some minor Limbo GUI issues. * Fixed issue with class limiter that was preventing bots from giving up their spot to a human player when on a dedicated server. * Fixed issue with the class limiter that was allowing players to bypass it by switching teams.
A significant new development is the use of Force Escalation to control when vehicles are available. Force Escalation(or "FE"), is an average of all the XP of all players on a server. To call in a vehicle drop, you have to meet the FE prerequisite in order to call it in, as well as the actual drop-charge cost(visible on the context menu for now). FE prerequisites are as follows:
GDF Vehicle FE Prerequisites:
  • Husky: 10FE
  • Platypus: 15FE
  • Armadillo: 20FE
  • Trojan: 40FE
  • Bumblebee: 50FE
  • Titan: 60FE
  • Anansi: 90FE
  • Jupiter: 120FE
Strogg Vehicle FE Prerequisites:
  • Icarus: 15FE
  • Hog: 30FE
  • Desecrator: 40FE
  • Cyclops: 60FE
  • Tormentor: 80FE
Something not readily apparent to some is that the Icarus and Husky use half your vehicle drop charge, while all other vehicles use the full charge.


April 4th, 2009

Version 0.3 has been released!
Download links are available in the downloads section.
QWTA is now fully compatible with ETQW v1.5, and supports both Windows and Linux.

QWTA Official server is located at: qwta.servequake.com:27733
(Please be advised, this server is hosted on a tiny 50/1000 Cable connection, on a linux machine next to my desk, in western Canada.
It'll probably lag a fair bit, and may go up or down for unspecified periods of time without any notice. :D)

March 30th, 2009

Getting pretty near a release of QWTA v0.3.
Found a few last-minute bugs that need fixing before I let it out into the wild. Got exams(and a project for school that I've been avoiding doing well past when I should have been working on it) over the next few days though, so it'll probably be after that, hopefully towards the end of this week.
For now, here's what the QWTA v0.3 changelog is likely going to be:
QWTA v0.3: ========== CHANGES: * Threw out all previous changes and restarted QWTA development from scratch. * Previous versions of QWTA: v0.21, v0.2, v0.11, and v0.1 not built off of. * QWTA is now compatible with ETQW v1.5. * Spectator controls improved. + Attack: Next player. + AltAttack: Previous player. + Jump: Freefly spectator. * Dark Matter Cannon now has Quake 4 Singleplayer-style Dark Matter Gun visual/audio effects and gravity pull behavior. + Projectile pulls nearby objects(players, vehicles) towards it. + Projectile deals damage to nearby objects slowly. + Projectile hurls nearby objects away from detonation point when exploding. + Gravitational effects penetrate walls and other cover. * Hammer has a limited EMP effect upon exploding. * Hammer and Dark Matter Cannon warning text upon firing removed. * Player respawns now take twice the length of time they do in BaseETQW. * Vehicles no longer spawn into the map, they must be called in by players via vehicle drop. (Use the quickchat menu->vehicles->vehicle drops.) * The ability to use vehicle drops is given freely to all players, however: * Vehicle drop charging now begins at zero and charges up from there. * Vehicle drops take longer to charge than in BaseETQW. * Vehicle drops have a campaign rank prerequisite before they can be dropped. + Generally, the more powerful the vehicle, the higher the rank required. * Vehicle drops make use multiple types of deployment transport: + Jotun drops via parachute. + Magog drops via cable. + Strogg drops via orbital reentry. + Strogg drops via teleport. * Bots have a rudimentary understanding of vehicle drops now. + They're pretty stupid about it, but they do call for vehicles sometimes. * Jupiter Assault Tank added. + This is a heavy GDF tank that uses the BFG10k as a main cannon. * BFG10k added. (Vehicle weapon only for now.) + Delay on firing. + Projectile fires energy beams at nearby targets(Up to 8). + Projectile detonates with high damage upon impact. + BFG Effect operates upon targets(Up to 8) that have line of sight between the detonation point, and the Jupiter tank, 0.5 seconds later. * Hyperblaster now behaves more like the Quake 4 Singleplayer-style weapon. + Projectiles do not hit instantly. + Hyperblaster ROF is slower. + Splash damage occurs upon projectile impact. + Hyperblaster damage raised, but can no longer do headshots. + Hyperblaster scope can get rapid target locks upon any enemy unit. + Hyperblaster does not cause a lockon warning on target. + Hyperblaster projectiles cannot be decoyed away with flares. * Shotgun and Nailgun core behavior returned to ETQW v1.2 style behavior: + ROF slower. + More pellets per shot. + Smaller spread. + More damage. + Damage falls off less over distance. * Blood spurt effects occur when players or corpses are shot or stabbed. * Class number limits added. + Class numbers restricted based upon class, and player count on server. + Bots understand class number limits. * Screen fades to red when unconscious. * Screen fades to black when fully killed. + This intentionally blocks the vision of the dead. * Radar split into two distinct types: Radar and Infrared. + Radar cannot detect infantry. + Infrared can only detect infantry. * Psi Radar/GDF Radar use only normal Radar. * 3rd Eye Camera, MCP, and command centers, use both radar and infrared. * Mxyzptlk's megatexture autodownload added. * Cvar pm_realisticMovement added. + Default 1. + Enables/disables "realistic movement". + Enables/disables strafejumping. * Cvar g_realisticDamage added. + Default 1. + Enables/disables higher, "more realistic" weapon damages. + GENERALLY, bullets do 3x normal damage and explosions do 2x normal, when firing upon infantry. + GENERALLY, vehicles take reduced damage from small arms fire. * Cvar g_realisticSpread added. + Default 1. + Enables/disables "more realistic" weapon spreads. + GENERALLY, firing without aiming a weapon first is much more inaccurate. + Bots are aware of this, and will aim more often when enabled. * Cvar bot_useStrafeJump redefaulted to 0. + For use with pm_realisticMovement. Bots will not attempt to strafejump. * Cvar g_allowMineIcons redefaulted to 0. + Disables minedots by default, serverside. * Cvar g_allowMineTriggerWarning added. + Default 0. + Enables/disables mine trigger warnings, serverside. * Cvar g_allowAPTWarning added. + Default 0. + Enables/disables APT and BDT(APT mode only) HUD warnings, serverside. * Autodetects the gametype other QWTA servers are using, hides the gametype of other mods, including BaseETQW. (Easier to see on the server list.) BUG FIXES: * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Corpses are now considered "flesh". + BaseETQW doesn't consider corpses to be flesh, so they wouldn't bleed. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: 3rd Eye Camera now updates its radar origin when moved. + BaseETQW doesn't update the 3rd Eye's radar origin, making attaching it to vehicles or other moving objects, effectively useless for radar purposes. (The commandmap radar area would move, but the actual radar detection area would not.) * Fixed BaseETQW bug: Removed cause of a console error message with Magogs. + A $null_entity item wasn't being checked for in some circumstances, causing error messages to sometimes be printed to console. * Fixed BaseETQW bug: The "Volcano-Icarus Map Exploit" no longer works. + A serious exploit exists in BaseETQW 1.5, that has been fixed in QWTA. + Variations on maps other than Volcano are also addressed by this fix.

March 7th, 2009

The pain of harddrive failures...
The machine this website and most of QWTA's development files is hosted from, lost its harddrive(Yes, yes, no RAID.) the other day.
No data's been lost, but I've been busy restoring my poor little home server to working order.

February 24th, 2009

For when the Hammer just isn't a big enough gun...

A little revival from the Quake 2 era, the BFG10k returns in QWTA as a prototype GDF weapon, mounted upon the Jupiter Tank. :) Yep, this has the full BFG10k weapon behavior implemented:
  • The BFG Ball fires laser beams/death rays(take your pick of terminology!) at nearby targets while it flies through the air.
  • The BFG Ball explodes upon impacting a target, dealing out a lot of suffering.
  • Finally, the famous "BFG Effect" goes off, and inflicts further damage upon anyone unlucky enough to be in line of sight to both the BFG Ball's detonation point, and the tank that fired the BFG.

You may have noticed that QWTA seems to be turning out a lot of developmental work oriented towards Quake 2 or Quake 4 features, and not much in the realism department... That's not strictly true; QWTA does remain a realism-oriented mod(In the sense that an alien invasion can be considered "realistic".), but it's also meant to help bring some of the well-known highlights of the Quake universe(The Strogg portion of it, anyhow. Quake 1 and 3 have no place here.), to this realistic setting. After all, what fun are alien invaders without truly alien weapons, or the last-ditch human efforts to beat back the Strogg?
BaseETQW's Dark Matter Cannon didn't quite measure up to the Quake 4 Dark Matter Gun. QWTA seeks to corect this.
BaseETQW's Hyperblaster didn't really feel much like the Quake 2 Hyperblaster or Quake 4 Nailgun. QWTA seeks to correct this.
BaseETQW has no mention of the pride and joy of human weapons design, the BFG10k... Guess what else is making it into QWTA? :)
The DMC/DMG and Hyperblaster are fairly obvious how they've been converted, thematically... Some might wonder what place the Jupiter Tank, with its BFG10k main gun, has, though? Essentially, I've rationalized it like so: ETQW takes place before Quake 2 or Quake 4. The BFG appears to be a human-designed weapon(Drawing a bit from Doom here.), yet the GDF in ETQW appear to be below the general technological level needed to develop such a weapon. Sooooo.... The BFG10k in QWTA/ETQW is a prototype developmental version of the handheld weapon seen in Quake 2. It hasn't been miniaturized for production yet, so needs a whole main battle tank to carrry it around on the battlefield. :)
So there's the general reasoning behind why QWTA's picked up some exotic features.
Back to the realism! QWTA's in-development version currently has blood effects(As did earlier versions of QWTA.), and has the beginnings of a class-number-restriction system:
[Images removed due to image host going down permanently. That'll teach me to try to save on bandwidth on my own site!]
You might've also noticed how QWTA doesn't have vehicles laying around maps anymore. Instead, they're called in from central command, to be airdropped. The exact mechanics of that are still up in the air, but it seems like there's good hope in making vehicles a rare, powerful commodity in QWTA.
QWTA's more realistic damages and radar changes of old should be being re-implemented sometime soon too. :)

February 17th, 2009

A little Dark Matter goes a long way...

Still tweaking the behavior of the Dark Matter Cannon to get something more interesting working with the gravitational effects, but it's coming along nicely. Vehicle drops with all vehicles are available now, and they'll likely be tied in future to campaign ranks(the unranked version of ranks) in some way. In-map vehicles are probably going to get taken out entirely, which would make vehicle drops the only source of vehicles, which should let them be well-earned and powerfully tide-turning in some cases.
Also starting to delve back into QWTA's original radar changes now(Remember, QWTA was started over from scratch. The original radar plans included infantry being invisible on most radar.), beginning with fixing the fact that in BaseETQW the 3rd eye camera's radar doesn't update when you move it. So, now you can stick it on a vehicle to have portable radar. :)

January 31st, 2009

Something a little different for QWTA's future.
(Note the core goal of QWTA remains a "realism" mod, but it's also taking further initial steps to differentiate from BaseETQW.)

Still an early version here, but what I've essentially got ingame is this(All this applies to both infantry and vehicle hyperblasters):
Hyperblaster uses projectiles instead of (instant-hit) hitscan traces.
Hyperblaster ROF slowed to Quake 4 Nailgun levels.
Damage upped. (Low-velocity+Low-ROF weapons have issues competing with instant-hit weapons otherwise.)
Small explosions on impact of each hyperblaster bolt. (No new effects for those yet, but you can actually kill stuff with splash damage. XD)
Hyperblaster now able to lock on and home in on players, vehicles, deployables, etc.
Hyperblaster bolts can't be decoyed away with flares. (Although their range is smaller than other lockon weapons, so you can run away out of range.)

January 14th, 2009

Alright, I'm a raging liar. :D
I've gotten drawn back into playing ETQW a bit--less than I used to be, and the urge to do QWTA things has arisen again. More or less, QWTA's development has been picked up again. I think I'm actually going to scrap the old QWTA and start again(Won't take long.), with a slightly different design philosophy and approach.
We'll see how it works out...

July 14th, 2008

Well, it pains me to say it, but:
QWTA is dead.
1. I haven't played ETQW in around 6 months. Sorry, much fun as it might be to play the game--Despite the Enemy Territory: Wolfensten influences, and the "pro gamer" influences-- there's only so much enjoyment one can squeeze out of the same 12 maps over that sort've timeframe. Maybe if Splash Damage had ever bothered to release anything new to the game but gameplay nerfs and bugfixes... (Like a mappack? tbh it would have been time better spent in my books than providing modding tech support for the game.)
2. I'm an SVN noob apparently, and I've been quite frustrated with trying to teach myself how to do branches and merges properly to keep up with ETQW's SDK patches.
3. I despise working with ETQW's code and scripting. It's just plain not fun. Modding something shouldn't require one to:
a) Search through 15 different folders to find the correct 3 files to edit.
b) Discover that because of inheritance scripting you have to look again to find the file that has the right data in it because even though it's NAMED logically it actually doesn't have what you want in it.
c) Play hide and seek with 50 different dependency files for the scripting of the game, all of which will crash the game if you forget to include one evne though they have nothing whatsoever to do with your mod.
d) Compile the game code 2 different ways, one of which is optional. And lament the third way of compiling your scripts that Splash Damage-even though they use it themselves--tells everyone else not to use.
e) Discover that a typo in one of the script files of the game causes crashes when its executed, because the game doesn't check its script files on load, no... It waits until you're in the middle of the game and the code is needed, before trying it. Good luck debugging what's wrong when you have to debug through the game's script parser. This is why compiled code is good and scripting is bad.
Bottom line? I'm not having fun making QWTA, and from the ....zero servers who I've ever seen run it, the ETQW community has little interest in it either, which, while not a driving force behind my decision, doesn't give much incentive to bother if I don't feel like it. Maybe I'll pick up QWTA again at some point in the future, but I doubt it. ETQW's just too annoying to mod. I'd rather mod something I can have fun with, rather than treat as a chore.
The QWTA site will stay up a while, and then be taken down.

May 25th, 2008

QWTA v0.21 and earlier is not compatible with ETQW v1.5. I'll see what I can do to get an interim update out soonish. Bit busy with Real Life lately; work, school, trying to redevelop a social life, etc.
Not much exciting planned for QWTA v0.22 other than v1.5 compatibility, as QWTA's development has been stalled for a while due to preoccupation with other pursuits that I work on in the modding world.
Hopefully that'll get sorted out and released soon so I can turn my full attention to QWTA development again.
Expect QWTA v0.22 sometime this week or early next, whenever I can find the time to sort it out.

February 23rd, 2008

QWTA development is still going, but more slowly, due to Real Life constraints(Work has me on a lousy schedule for having free time when I'm in the mood to program anything.) and other, more interesting, modding projects. (Simple-to-edit ETQW's scripting might be, it isn't exactly a learning experience in anything other than "Where has Splash Damage hidden THAT function now?")

January 27th, 2008

Version 0.21 has been released!
This is merely a fix for two problems that were discovered after the 0.2 release of QWTA.
Download links are available in the downloads section.

January 24th, 2008

Version 0.2 has been released!
Download links are available in the downloads section.
Test server is located at: qwta.servequake.com:27733
(Please be advised, this server is hosted on a tiny 50/500 Cable connection, on a linux machine next to my desk, in western Canada.
It'll probably lag a fair bit, and may go up or down for unspecified periods of time without any notice. :D)

January 15th, 2008

Well, ETQW v1.4 has been released, so just waiting on the 1.4-compatible SDK before putting the next version of QWTA out the door.

January 2nd, 2008

Version 0.2 is coming along nicely...

December 16th, 2007

Version 0.11 has been released.
This is a patch for a crashing problem discovered with QWTA 0.1 under Linux.
Windows installations of QWTA do not require this patch to operate.
Download links are available in the downloads section.

December 14th, 2007

Version 0.1 has been released!
Download links are available in the downloads section.
Test server is located at: qwta.servequake.com:27733
(Please be advised, this server is hosted on a tiny 50/500 Cable connection, on a linux machine next to my desk, in western Canada.
It'll probably lag a fair bit, and may go up or down for unspecified periods of time without any notice. :D)

December 9th, 2007

Coming along nicely for an initial version.
About half of the core/fundamental(Read: The subset of planned changes that'll make gameplay very different. Not the nice fancy stuff yet.) changes for QWTA have been done, and the remaining ones should be following sometime in the near future(Between work, xmas shopping(argh, forgot), and MBII, it's a little tricky to work time in to learn how ETQW's code and script works and apply it, heh.).
Also will need to do some quickie testing with a few people (and bots! XD) to ensure the core changes don't horribly, horribly break things.
After that, I should be able to toss an initial v0.1 release out the door for people to try out. I'm HOPING that that'll end up being before christmas.

November 21st, 2007

Whee, the Beta SDK 1.2 has been released! QWTA development has begun!
(Well, in the form of reading over the source and trying to figure out where everything is, anyhow. XD)

November 8th, 2007

*sigh* One of the Splash Damage developers has mentioned that the SDK will be delayed some more for some reason or other... Hard to start a mod without access to sourcecode. >.>

October 28th, 2007

Well, the site's up anyhow. :D
Might go up and down, and do strange things as I do work on it over the next little while...